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Conscious Production


The basis of our projects is sustainability. We reuse and recycle available resources and, thus, extend the useful life of materials and leftovers generally discarded in production processes.

What is considered waste becomes our raw material. Sheet metal cutouts of marine containers, construction steel and other parts and materials for metalwork and joinery. A prospect associated with the use of new materials and technologies, as in our line of luminaires.

The reused parts are cut and undergo mechanical treatment (sandpaper). After being recovered and molded, they are painted with phosphatizer, primer, enamel and automotive varnish. Finishing and manufactured production make each of our pieces unique.

What about our waste? The few leftovers are collected by the Lagoa Santa collectors' cooperative for recycling. In addition, we have the eureciclo seal, a platform that enables the reverse logistics of our packaging, promoting the cooperatives of waste pickers in the destination states of our parts. Learn more about the seal by clicking on the icon!

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