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Our workshop is located in Lagoa Santa, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. An area of unique karst relief, with a great geological heritage, historical and cultural archeology.

Here, manifestations of the roots of Brazilian culture, sportsmen and adventurers in search of challenges of a vibrant nature and natural science scholars transit. All together with the people of this place.

We chose to be neighbors of an environmental reserve, live with animals and the typical vegetation of the cerrado and be part of the local culture.

Within this context, we manufacture our pieces individually or in small batches, always with responsible social and environmental attitudes. Here experimentation and technique coexist without restrictions.

“Old hinterland of ages. Because Serra asks for Serra and those, tall, you see well: how the hinterland comes and goes. There's no use turning your back. It borders here, and will border other places, so far away. A rumor is heard. ”(Guimarães Rosa in Grandes Sertões: Veredas)

Sertão that is heard and echoes within us.

It transforms and manifests itself in our projects.

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